Our Company - A direct lender for multifamily and healthcare properties

Pillar Financial, a division of SunTrust Bank, is a direct lender for multifamily and healthcare properties, serving clients across the US in more than 14 major markets. Our team of associates provides a full array of financing solutions, covering market-rate and affordable multifamily housing, student and senior housing, manufactured home communities, as well as healthcare properties such as assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing facilities.

Pillar is able to focus on the specific individual needs of each client, customizing a financing solution that best fits the borrower’s business plan. Our lending platform consists of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD products. Through Cohen Financial, we provide capital markets debt placement and advisory consulting services for borrowers, as well as third-party rated, primary and special loan servicing for lenders.

Pillar is a well-diversified commercial real estate capital provider and services firm. We are a durable company that has a diversified earnings base that can sustain earnings through the different cycles of the commercial real estate market. Each of the services we offer directly, and through our affiliates, allows us to be more responsive to our clients and the marketplace.

The Pillar Difference

Pillar is in a small, competitive set of only a few firms who can directly provide the same lending programs. We strive to be better and provide the most efficient and transparent process compared to our competitors. We are not focused on the next transaction, we are focused on the relationship with our clients and what is best for their business plans.

Pillar is client-focused. When borrowers work with us, they have one point of contact to access all of our lending products. If a borrower wants to compare Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and HUD financing options, a Pillar professional can provide the pros and cons of each execution based on the client’s specific financing needs. Most of our competitors do not offer this approach.

Other lenders may offer only a portion of the products Pillar has, forcing borrowers to work with multiple lenders to find the best solution. Of those lenders that offer multiple products, many have different contacts within their company for each lending product. Borrowers are often required to go through multiple due diligence processes for each product. We are focused on providing what is best for our client, not what is best for the lender.

Guiding Principles

As a company, Pillar is organized on four guiding principles:


We are focused exclusively on facilitating financial transactions that work for all parties involved. Our primary aim is to provide exceptional service to our clients and this corporate integrity figures into every decision.


Pillar brings a depth of industry knowledge that is hard to find in the marketplace. Our professional team has a collective experience that runs deep, making our practice among the most effective in our industry.


In real estate, business moves fast and needs can change quickly. Pillar is an adaptive company. We pride ourselves on flexibility and agility without ever compromising quality. We work in multi-disciplined teams and understand that each client requires a customized approach.


While our independence ensures that we are beholden only to our clients’ best interests, Pillar is a division of SunTrust Bank, and that affiliation brings with it the strength and influence of a much larger entity as well as access to a diverse suite of tools and capital solutions.